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Every person has his or her own story. All of us have been in love at least once in our life, sadly, not all of us got to be with the person we loved till the end of our days. When you become older than forty, you see things from a completely different perspective. You’re no longer interested in parties, dancing and booze. You’re looking for a kind, heart-warming person to enjoy the rest of your life with.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that we live in the age of modern technology, getting acquainted with someone becomes increasingly difficult. Not because people over forty became more reserved, but because it’s easier to sit in from of computer or TV and fill your life with meaningless TV series or shows. It takes courage to put yourself out there and to try to find a soul mate in spite of everything.

Our site is created specifically for the purpose of helping people over forty to have a second chance, a shot at finding a new love or at reconciliation with the long lost one. Life is unpredictable and one can never know which turn it will take. Therefore, if you are alone and over forty years old – it doesn’t mean that your life is over – it just means that a new chapter of your life is about to be open.

Many people are reluctant to search for the second half at such age because of multiple reasons. Some are afraid that it will somehow influence their relationship with the adolescent, other just feel insecure and afraid of the failure. But the question they must ask themselves is – how many lifetimes do I have? And the answer is – just one. Therefore, it’s not worth to spend it all on reminiscing and on being afraid to live. Take a shot, be brave and you will succeed.

Many people also don’t know where to start looking for a new partner and soul mate, however if you are reading thus article it means you are one of those, who have found a reliable way. Now, all you have to do is to register and to set up youк profile correctly. One would probably wonder what are the rules of sitting up a profile on a dating site for people over 40 years old?

They are quite simple, really. First of all – be as open as you can, without giving much oа the personal details. Upload a recent photo of yourself and indicate the correct age. Although many people feel the temptation of indicating the misleading information – nothing good comes out of it.

Just imagine – you’re 45 and you have uploaded the photo where you’re ten years younger, the person interested in you will expect to see 35 year old you and will be rather disappointed to see that you’ve lied, as time isn’t kind to us all. Therefore, it is worth to upload recent photos of yourself and if the persona you’re interested in takes interest in you too – well, that’s great. But if he or she doesn’t – well at least you weren’t misleading anyone.

The same goes for the personal information. You must always indicate the amount of adolescent you have, if you are single, divorced, and so on. For the majority of people over 40 – having teenager is not a deal breaker, as it is expected that by this age people will have them. However, there are still those, who did not manage to have teenager by this age or just preferred not to have them. That is why it is very important to indicate the true details about yourself.