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Dating After 40 - Rules Are A Bit Different


In accordance with your past experience your dating game in your 40s will develop. Your instincts will tell you that dating after 40 is no longer the same. In this case the ball will always be on your court and you will have to decide what to do next. You will meet partners of different types and kinds. When meeting people in their 40s, be aware of the fact that you are not going to meet all Brad Pitts. And that all these people have experience behind their shoulders; they all have been loved, dined, broken up many times and so on. Every person at this age comes with the luggage of his/her emotions.

When dating at the age of 40 you need to be ready to the fact that the chivalry can be almost. It is not longer a fairy-tale, where Prince Charming would do everything to conquer your heart or Cinderella would appear on one of your parties in the castle. No, it is no longer a fairy-tale in which they live happily ever after.

Dating at the age of 40 is more like sharing responsibilities and splitting the bill 50/50. Yes, not very romantic, but this is the way the things are. At this age you get straight to the point and share what you need and expect from the relationship. So, don’t get stumbled when you hear the question like: “What do you expect from this relationship?” to rise up right away on a first date. You are both mature people and are no longer willing to guess one’s thoughts and are not there to play games. Nobody at this age needs nonsense talking and nonsense dates. People prefer skipping niceties and come straight to the point. People at this age want only what they are looking for. So, don’t be surprised, if one doesn’t provide it, they move to the next.

Also don’t forget the adolescent. Many people have teenagers at the age of 40s and dating  or has limitations. This means different dynamics and different expectations. So, take this in consideration too.