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Dating Tips 101: Keep It Real!

Online dating

Online dating always has a purpose. Many people think that online dating is about singles getting together for a casual dinner and having some fun before they never see each other again or even call. Even that is a purpose. There is nothing about online dating that is purposeless. When there is an eventual objective, there is an expectation. No one walks into a café or a pub, meets someone or calls up someone without any expectation.

When expectations exist, there will be the possibility of disappointment. Many singles are too skeptic about online dating because of the disappointment that seems inevitable at most times. This probability can be contained and even omitted to a large extent when you keep it real. This goes out for singles regardless of gender and age. This goes out for all kinds of online dating sites. Sure, there are some websites that focus on relationships and there are many of them from the best dating sites reviews that encourage casual hookups clearly not aimed at developing any emotional bond whatsoever.

You can resort to any type of dating tips or advice you want, you can get relationship tips from experts or tips on how you can hook up from members of some best dating sites. Regardless of that, you must keep it real.

• The first reason why you should keep it real is to have your expectations sorted. If you are looking for just one evening out and some good food, then so be it. Let your conversations be very lucid. If you are looking for sex, let your profile make it obvious. Being on a dating site that encourages relationships may not get you laid in one or two dates. You would clearly be disappointed. Looking for mindless fun which is harmless by the way with people who want a serious date will also be inconsequential for both singles. By keeping it real, you set the ball rolling in the right direction. You have set the ground rules, both singles know what to expect and the date can go as expected. There may not be many surprises but you would be satiated confirming what you knew about the person. That itself is quite thrilling when you consider the larger picture.

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• Keeping it real makes online dating rather simple. There are millions of people that lie so much online and tend to create a fake aura that they lose their existential facts in the process. They struggle to remember how they have projected themselves at different times and with different people. Eventually, it all becomes obvious and many of these singles don’t even land a date. When they do, it all becomes lucid that they were faking. If the other singles are also faking then that wouldn’t make an iota of difference but if they were not then the whole encounter becomes futile. Unless you are just wasting time on some top dating sites, keep it real and you will certainly be satiated, later if not sooner.