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Dating Tips For Women Of 40 And Over


If you are a woman, who has passed the 40 age mark, dating for you can be quite a sticky situation. When you reach this moment in life time becomes more valuable and you are less ready to put up with anyone wasting your precious time.

Looking for love in the middle age has its pitfalls and frustrations. No mater what statistics say and no matter what reasons for the women being not married at this age are found, the main reason is still the same: these women simply haven’t found their right man.

To protect you from the men, who would only waste your time and may leave you with the wounds to make you recover for ages after, we suggest you to learn about the following 8 types of men, you better avoid.

The Piner – this is a guy, whose stories and conversations are mostly connected to his former girlfriend(s), a former deceased spouse or an object of non-reciprocal love. He always compares your words, actions, behavior, things you cook etc, with the things he experienced in the past with his former beloved. If he was lied to by his ex girlfriend, you will have hard times to prove you are not like that. So, you better stay away from this kind not to waste your time as you never will become that special one in his life.

Great Tips on 40 and Over Dating

The Bore – a guy, who thinks you, would be very happy to be in a company of any man since you have reached certain age. He doesn’t take efforts to be interesting or alluring. He just thinks you need to be thankful that he has come. Don’t waste your precious time on someone, who will bore you to!

The Player – there are men, who consider themselves the God’s gift for the female half of earth population. These men consider women after 40 desperate and think they would accept attention from anyone. This type of men dresses well, looks well, brings flowers, finds beautiful words to flatter your ego, etc. However, you are just the one on his list. Avoid these men too!

The Grabber – unlike the player, he doesn’t want to charm you. He thinks you are going to be his, just because he is interested in you. These men think that women in their middle age are sexually needy and anxious to get laid fast.

The Narcissist – you perfectly know this type – a man with centered ego and constant talks about himself, his life, his accomplishments, etc. You will never be loved and cherished in this relationship.

The Whacko – a type of the men, who is not mentally well. You will be able to detect during your first several dates if something is not quite right with the man. If you are not looking for an abusive hurtful treatment, then you better avoid any further communication.

A small Boy – learn to distinguish between the man with a boyish spirit and a man, who is psychologically a small boy.

The Cheap – when you see that your man saves money on you, always choosing the free places for your dates, expect a tyrant in money matters at home after your marriage. We don’t say that every date should be an expensive occasion, but everything is good in measures.