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Four Things You Must Protect When Dating After 50


Many people who become single at the age of 50 become rather naïve. This can be understood as they haven’t been dating for a long time living with one partner for 20-30 years together. Sad enough, many of them get into the unfortunate situations that could have been avoided. So, when dating again being a single after 50 you need to protect four major things:

1. Your heart.

Most likely you are lonely and desperately need a partnership. You feel empty. In this state you are quite vulnerable and can easily fall a prey of ‘sharks’. These people would fill in the huge gap in your life, but will prove to be cons at last. Don’t let your heart get bruised by letting your guard down easily. Be attentive to the new people you meet and their behavior. Don’t smother a person you meet and like as this way you have all the chances to blow it.

2. Your health.

Be cautious when involving into a sex life. The danger of STD’s also exists among the older set and both sexes must be cautious. Unprotected sex causes the increase of HIV and AIDS among people of 50 and over. This happens when people get back to active sex life and don’t test themselves and their sexual partners.

3. Your drink glass.

Be aware of people spiking your drinks to reach their goals. When you are among the strangers don’t miss your glass out of sight. Some men and women use a ‘date-rape’ drug to get laid with you. So, be aware of the possibility of your drink being spiked.

4. Your assets.

You can very often find the articles in the newspapers or magazines of senior people being scammed. Unfortunately, the dating scamming is very spread not only on-line, but also in real life. If you are not attentive to the people you get acquainted you can fall the victim of another fraud. Scammers become very inventive these days. So, listen to your gut feeling and common sense when you make new acquaintances. Always stay in control of your money to avoid being financially defrauded.