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Guide to Spot The Liars on Over 40 Dating Sites

Online over 40 dating sites

Online over 40 dating sites offers plenty of benefits but one drawback of it is that there is tendency to pretend to be someone they are not. Although dating platforms apply lot of checks and measures but still those who have a liar personality can get away with all checks. It can be harder to verify identity of people to whom you meet online. Therefore it is necessary to take enough precautions and understand the signals and here is a guide to enlighten your thoughts.

1. Never show you their recent and complete picture: People try to hide the things or matters in which they are not very comfortable. The regular norms suggest putting in genuine information about your personality like weight, height, looks and age. But when people are hideous and afraid to highlight the reality they tend to hide it through their pictures. You might see only their head or only the body or their profile picture would be of some celebrity; their picture might be the one from two years ago on their social media profile or the photo look too photo-shopped to be true. Never rely on photos immediately and never make your choices based on a photo.

2. May lie about their identity: In the relation originated through dating both of the partners are obligated to give a sense of security and comfort by saying truth because dating a stranger is the riskiest thing! If you feel that any of these gestures then this mean that he/she is trying to lie or hide something about their one’s identity- will never show you a picture, will not be open about social media presence or may give vague answers to questions related to their profession, interests and hobbies. If somebody has a profile on over 40 dating sites then that means they are technologically inclined but if they are not on social media with their real identity then they should not be relied on!

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3. Try to be very friendly: It’s your first date and the other person on table is trying to be too much friendly and when we say too much that means ‘way too much!’ He is throwing big promises or looking forward to have an amazing date with you or asking too many personal questions or things like that which ring bells in your mind. His/her answers are open to interpretation and thus in such situations you should be careful not to believe them.

4. Change the topic without answering: If you think that someone is trying to redirect the question back to you without answering or changing the topic just because he doesn’t want to answer! In such situations it becomes difficult to take his/her answers at face value. He/she might be saying truth but it becomes little difficult to believe.

Trust your instincts and take a note of these tips as there you can find many liars on online portals. So don’t allow someone to be dishonest with you as you deserve something which is best and reliable. So have an exit strategy and take necessary precautions and always hear your instincts because your heart can never lie!

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