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Pros and Cons of Top Dating Applications

Top Dating Applications

You can find almost all types of dating websites these days; few are designed for youngsters, some are available for senior people and others for assisting bisexual singles. If you are ready to initiate a serious search for your partner online then it is good to get some idea about best dating app for you. It is time to be very much clear that not all the dating apps can be good for you but there are a few that you must try for great experience.

Here are few details about some popular dating apps:

1. Down:

Down dating application is desired for those who are expressing their interest in some facebook friends. In case if they show the same interest then soon you will get a notification about it and will find right time to fix up a meeting.


• Simple facebook login.

• Available for free.

• Easier to use.

• Impressive design.

• No one on facebook will be able to know that you are using Down.


• As the platform is same as that of facebook so it may appear little boring to some of you.

• As this is a new platform you people use to complain about smaller user base.

• Down use to collect some personal information from your facebook account.

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2. Pure:

This hookup application helps people to get involved in mutual attractions. The tricky fact about this application is that it never allows users to get involved in pre-game conversations rather you are first motivated to fix up a personal meeting with someone you attract. This is basically the major element for excitement in this application and it allows people to have more and more fun over it.


• Impressive UI.

• It has more focus on the real world interactions.

• Photos will not be stored on server of application.

• It helps people to find the trustworthy relation.


• This application is not ideal for text based conversations.

• It may require invites.

• Android version is also available.

3. Tinder:

Here you will be able to enjoy more thrills of relationships by meeting with new people around you. This interface is quite simple and helps people to have lots of fun with growing relationships.


• It is rated as a fast paced application.

• All your interests are kept secret till the time you have positive response from their side.

• Interface is quite interesting.

• It is leads to an impressive way to flirt.


• If you have made some accidental swipes then they cannot be undone.

• This platform relies more on images.

• Many people rate this application a superficial one.

Tinder dating app: Review


This top dating app is preferably used to find date partners in nearby locations. You can earn few points on this platform to add up new premium features into this application. It is actually the best application to make new friends and some day you may find someone more than a simple friend.


• Your location details are kept secret.

• Chat feature is really cool.


• You may felt annoyed with ads over this platform.

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