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Social Network Guide For Over-50 Singles


Senior singles can face many challenges when joining senior on-line dating communities. In many cases people over 50 have been out of dating scene for such a long time period, so that they find it hard coming back. Others consider it ‘weird’ connecting with people they have never met face to face.

However, one of the most common problems that senior singles face is becoming confident in using internet and social media in particular as their personal outlet. While younger generations prefer on-line communication, senior people prefer offline activities.

Recently, more and more people from older generations have started signing up for social networks. Popular social media sites as Facebook and Twitter have become rather convenient tools of meeting new people for people of 50 years and over.

If you are interested what sites work well for senior singles and which ones are better to be avoided, you may find the following information useful. Take a look at 5 most popular social media sites of today:


Facebook represents the most popular social network all over the world. People sign up to Facebook to stay in touch with friends and follow their social lives. The site allows people posting photographs and provide “status” updates” to share random thoughts, moods and news, etc.

Senior singles should use it. Here you can not only connect with friends and members, but also meet new people and end up with your single life.


With Twitter you can publish “tweets,” – short messages. Older people will find it interesting as it is an excellent source of news observation and commentary. Here one can follow famous bloggers, politicians, celebrities, getting recent updates in spheres of their lives one takes interest in.

Signing up for Twitter is a great way to get a feel the social media etiquette. You start with observing, but can also tweet.


LinkedIn is a great social site for professional networking. This site allows you not only finding a better job, but also meeting new people increasing your chances for finding your soul mate.

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Single seniors should give this site a try.


Foursquare represents the leading “geo-social media,” site. It allows users to see your geographical location and meet up.

The site is not good for the people, who are not skilled social media users.



Tumblr is a great social network site, where people can share their interests. The site is very close to Twitter. The site is a good start for senior singles to use social media sites and meeting new people.