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Sugar Daddy Mistakes To Avoid Making

Sugar Daddy

Just like in any other area, it’s common to make mistakes when you are new in the sugar daddy - sugar baby relationship. As a sugar baby here are the mistakes that you should avoid making:

Not defining your terms

Most sugar daddies are clear of what they want in the arrangement. They will tell you when and where they want to meet you, when to call them, and other details. This isn’t always the case with sugar babies. Out of naivety or fear of losing the sugar daddy, most of them wait for the relationship to start and then slowly start telling the sugar daddy what they want. This is wrong as in most cases, the sugar baby doesn’t get what she wants.

To start the relationship on the right footing and avoid wasting time you should define your terms early in the relationship. Experts recommend that you state your terms on the first meeting. If you want a specific amount of allowance every month, you should let the sugar daddy know about it. You should also state whether you want him in your apartment or not. If there is something that you don’t like, say it with assertiveness.

When you define your terms early in the relationship it shows that you are serious about the arrangement. To a serious sugar daddy, you become very attractive. At the same time, you put off jokers.

Letting him string you along

Sugar daddy websites have plenty of sugar daddies but studies show that only 5% of the listed ones are serious. Most of the “sugar daddies” out there are looking for cheap prostitutes or one-time fun. This means that you have to take your time to separate chuff from wheat. To get to a serious sugar daddy you need to get rid of jokers as early as possible. If you come across one who keeps on asking you for pictures and has already seen your profile or keeps on asking the same questions, that is a joker and you should get rid of him.

Other sugar daddies will appear serious but you can’t know their real color unless you meet them. To avoid wasting time you should schedule a meet up as early as possible. You should discuss your terms and if he can’t meet them, forget him.

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Having sex on the first meeting

This is a common problem with sugar babies. According to research, most sugar babies have sex with sugar daddies on the first meeting or too early in the relationship in the bid of keeping them around. Unfortunately, it always backfires. Just like in normal relationships, when you have sex too early it shows that you are desperate and loose. To keep the mystery going you should take your time before you have sex. There is no defined time that you should take before having sex, but as a sugar baby, only have sex after you have had a formal conversation with the sugar daddy and settled on an arrangement.