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What all Seniors Should know about over 60 dating

over 60 dating

Dating in itself could be a daunting task for young people let alone for seniors. Besides the time and energy that goes into this indispensable aspect of our social lives, there are those peculiar concerns that seniors particularly have to face in the senior dating game.

Concerns such as looks, health, finance and the possibility of having and enjoying intimacy tops the list of worries. However, considering the fact that life expectancy has increased around the world and us as humans are more social than ever as a result of technology, being a senior over 60 shouldn’t spell the end of one of the most exciting aspects of human life. It should rather be the beginning of something new – the beginning of a new you.

Data coming out of numerous senior dating sites for over 60 give credence to the fact that a lot of our senior citizens are single and more than willing to mingle.

Admittedly, re-igniting the dating flame after many years of romantic inactivity can be challenging, to say the least. That being said, putting yourself out there and making yourself more visible to cupid will increase your chances of finding love and making your golden years more delightful than you ever imagined.

over 60 dating

There are a lot of wonderful people in this world and you never know, you just might meet one of them and start a satisfying and meaningful relationship. Even if you don’t, there’s really no harm in trying. Like every other thing in life, it takes patience, time and a bit of luck to get what you really need.

Age, they say is just a number, it is your attitude that determines how old you really are. So if you feel like a teenager in a senior’s body, don’t let your perceived imperfections or limitations act as a barrier stopping you from expressing the real you. Life itself is a risk, so take some risks, open your heart and ready yourself. You just might receive a shot from cupid – there is no age range on that arrow.

Now if you have taken that bold step to find love and rediscover the timeless you. Here’s a few things you should know before getting aboard the dating ship again. You’ve been away from dating for some time and as expected, some things have changed so there are certain guidelines that you need, to prepare you for the adventure of over 60 dating. Here are a few points you should note to make the best out of your senior dating adventure so that you can join the increasing number of your fellow seniors who have found love…yet again.

Dating Tips for Seniors

       Enjoy the Moment – You may have lots of things on your mind as a senior but
if you really want to enjoy dating, you have to learn to live in the moment. Forget about what you may have suffered or endured in the past. Expunge that memory of your lovely spouse who died or divorced you. Here’s a new chance to be happy again, embrace it. Don’t let your painful past ruin or beautiful present and future. It’s a date and dates are meant to be fun moments so concentrate on enjoying the company of your date and nothing else.
       Tell your family – Don’t let them find out by themselves. Tell them beforehand
of your intentions and aspirations to start dating again so they won’t be treated to a pleasant (or unpleasant) surprise. Some will be eager to see you happy with a partner again others may have their reservations. Ask for their opinion and go ahead and do what you feel will make you happy.
       Make sure you’re prepared – Before you decide to date as a senior, make sure
Don’t go into dating because your children want you to or because other seniors around you are dating and happy. What’s working for them may not work for. Make sure you’re not harboring any hurt or regret from your previous relationship.
      Don’t double date – This rule applies to dating generally and senior dating is no exception. It’s true some seniors may want to have different partners for different needs such as a dinner date companion or a hiking companion. Be sure your partner is okay with your multiple needs and how you intend meeting them.
seniors couples

Open up – You have to allow yourself to love and enjoy love again. If you’ve spent several years on your own or with one partner, it may become difficult for you to be emotionally and physically attached to someone else. But if you really want to be happy again, then you need to let go of what has been. Be optimistic about what is and open your arms and embrace what is coming.

Anyone can find love, do not believe otherwise. Concentrate your energy into finding love again and experience a new you. Love is the most beautiful thing in the world; do not preclude yourself from enjoying its beauty in your Golden age. You deserve that much. Go out there, have fun and perhaps find love. If you don’t find love, at least you’ll enjoy yourself. Irrespective of your age, there are countless possibilities awaiting you on the dating ship. So get aboard and take a chance. It just might be the best journey of your life.